My New Favourite Golf Analyst – @normmacdonald

It’s not unusual that I find myself away from the television on the weekend. Gone are the days when my whole Sunday consisted of watching golf and football while eating a pizza and cracking open a few cold drinks. I’ve got a family now and we’ve got a whole list of things to do every weekend. One of the things that I rarely get to do anymore is watch a complete golf tournament.

I did my best this past weekend to catch as much of the Ryder Cup as possible but I still had to make the bi-monthly family trip to Costco for frozen pizza and toilet paper. Twitter has become a huge part of my daily routine (@bsiddle is my non-SirShanksAlot name) and I turned to it yesterday to keep me up to date on the golf. Twitter was buzzing with Ryder Cup updates and I must applaud folks like Shane Bacon, Stephanie Wei and Jason Sobel for their quality updates… but there was one guy that stood above all the rest. This guy…

Yes… former SNL news guy, star of the classic movie Dirty Work and fellow Canadian Norm MacDonald really knows his golf. I’ve been watching his Tweets for a few weeks now and I find his golf commentary to be very insightful and his predictions to be.. well.. a bit creepy at times. Hours before the big European comeback at the Ryder Cup, Norm went through all singles matches and predicted the final score would be 14-14. He also correctly predicted 7 of the 12 outcomes in the final matches. Going back through his Tweets, he’s  provided lots of solid sporting insight and predictions… many of which are correct. Regardless… he’s quickly become one of my favourite follows on Twitter.

Here are his Tweets regarding the Ryder Cup outcome…

I think it would be great to see Norm as a regular on a show like Morning Drive on the Golf Channel. He’s always entertaining on talk shows and the whole journalist thing isn’t that new to him. Norm’s brother Neil is an awarding winning journalist and the Senior Correspondent in Washington for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Move over Johnny Miller… you and your “the Europeans aren’t used to playing water holes” lines can hit the road. I think it’s time that Norm gets a chance…



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