My First Hole in One at Encinitas Ranch #12 – A Dream Come True!

Hit my first hole in one with friends at Encinitas Ranch, a day I’ll never forget!

Slotch1235 hit their first hole in one at Encinitas Ranch #12. The post describes the excitement of achieving this milestone and celebrating with friends. It was a special moment for the golfer.


  • Experiencing a hole in one is a rare and exhilarating achievement in golf, marking a significant milestone for any golfer.
  • Celebrating with friends and having witnesses at the moment enhances the joy and memories associated with the accomplishment.
  • The element of surprise and disbelief adds to the excitement of finding out the ball went in the hole.

Positive Reactions

digibaz praised the achievement, highlighting the rarity of a hole in one and commending the golfer’s performance.

Spankysladder73 humorously pointed out that being in Encinitas itself was a great experience, overshadowing a typical hole in one.

Good Vibes

James_Mays_Hair shared a lighter note comparing the poster to their custom golfer on PS5, adding a fun twist to the conversation.

Frostonwindowpane’s comment on the club used, distance, and bar tab humorously captures the curiosity and excitement surrounding a hole in one moment.