My First CorePower Yoga Class: A Disaster or Hidden Gem?

One Redditor shares a disastrous CorePower yoga experience. Find out if it’s a hidden gem or a total flop!

One Redditor details a disastrous experience at a CorePower yoga class, where overcrowding and excessive heat led to a soaked session. The post sparked a mix of sympathies and alternative suggestions from fellow yogis.


  • Hot yoga turned sauna: cramped mats and excessive sweat take center stage
  • Community insights: Some recommend trying different times and instructors for a better experience
  • Varied opinions: Some users praise CorePower for its range of classes, while others highlight the inconsistency
  • Personal preference: The debate between enjoying crowded, hot yoga and seeking a less intense practice

Disastrous Experiences

The original poster described a jam-packed yoga room at CorePower, with insufficient space to move freely. The excessive heat and lack of structured flow left them feeling unsatisfied and drenched in sweat. Their attempt to dry off in the hand dryer epitomized the frustrating experience.

Community Suggestions

Some users empathized with the distressing class and recommended trying different times and instructors to potentially salvage the trial week. They highlighted the energy of practicing yoga within a vibrant community, despite the overcrowding.

Varied Opinions

While some users shared positive experiences with CorePower, citing a range of classes and locations, others emphasized the inconsistency in teaching styles and overcrowded classes. The debate centered around whether CorePower appeals to all practitioners.

Personal Preferences

A divide emerged between those who thrive in intense, crowded environments and those seeking a more individualized practice. The discussion highlighted the importance of personal preference in choosing a yoga studio that aligns with one’s goals and comfort level.