MRC Golf’s BASSARA P-Series Shafts

Earlier this month MRC Golf introduced the BASSARA P-Series Shafts. The P-Series utilizes elastic Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire in the tip section. MRC Golf also uses TiNi Wire technology in their G- and W-Series. The elasticity of the tip combines with a stiff mid-section resulting in a dynamic energy transfer throughout the swing. The end result is a penetrating ball flight with a low spin. These shafts were specifically designed for distance.

BASSARA P-Series 2

The BASSARA P-Series is available beginning April 15, and has a suggested retail price of $400.

The BASSARA P-Series is offered in the following weights and flexes:
  • BASSARA™ P-Series 30 (L, R)
  • BASSARA™ P-Series 40 (L, R)
  • BASSARA™ P-Series 50 (R, S, TS)

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