Mother-Daughter Yoga: Finding the Right Videos and Classes for All Levels

Join the fun as a daughter seeks yoga recommendations for her mother. Discover beginner-friendly yoga videos and in-person class benefits!

A daughter is on the hunt for yoga resources suitable for both her and her mother, keen to promote their mental and physical well-being. Seeking recommendations that cater to different flexibility levels, she turns to the Reddit yoga community for advice.


  • Discover beginner-friendly yoga videos with modifications for different flexibility levels.
  • Consider attending in-person classes for personalized guidance on poses and adjustments.
  • Explore the benefits of combining yoga with weights for overall physical health.

Apple Fitness Yoga Videos

One Reddit user suggests Apple Fitness yoga videos featuring three people showcasing varied difficulty levels. They recommend starting with beginner videos for the mother and making modifications accordingly. This way, the daughter can adapt the exercises to suit her own flexibility level.

Yoga with Adrian on YouTube

Another Redditor proposes checking out Yoga with Adrian on YouTube for a diverse range of yoga levels and modifications. This channel provides a mix of practices suitable for beginners and more advanced practitioners, allowing both the daughter and mother to find suitable routines.

The Accessible Yoga School

A user recommends The Accessible Yoga School, providing resources catering to different abilities. This platform likely offers tailored practices for individuals seeking modified poses and routines, making it easier for the mother and daughter to practice together.

Attending In-Person Classes

One user emphasizes the benefits of joining in-person yoga classes for detailed adjustments and personalized guidance. They suggest that in a physical class setting, instructors can make specific corrections to poses, ensuring proper alignment and technique. Additionally, they advocate for including weights training alongside yoga for a well-rounded fitness regimen.

Embark on a yoga journey that suits both your and your mother’s needs, blending flexibility, strength, and mindfulness for a holistic approach to well-being.