Montreal 1 – [1] DC United: Christian Benteke Shocks Fans!

Fans debate Christian Benteke’s unconventional play. Are players embarrassed or is it all in good fun?

Christian Benteke’s surprising move sparked mixed reactions among fans. Is it a moment of embarrassment or a part of the game? Let’s dive into the debate.


  • Is the unexpected move by Christian Benteke all fun and games?
  • Are players embarrassed by such unconventional plays?
  • Do fans appreciate the creativity in unexpected situations?

Positive Reactions

Some fans find the moment hilarious, appreciating the unpredictability in soccer games. User MayorOfOnions commented, ‘Actually hilarious,’ reflecting a lighter perspective.

Embarrassment Factor

Others, like Flacko115, express confusion at players’ lack of embarrassment in such unconventional moments. They stated, ‘Will never understand how players are not super embarrassed doing stuff like this.’

Game Mentality

On the flip side, shakedowndave sees the positive side, stating, ‘I love it. Game doesn’t stop because you fall.’ This view emphasizes the resilience and continuity of play despite unexpected events.