MLS Top Selling Jerseys – Fan Reactions and Surprises

Fans react to the MLS top selling jerseys list with mixed emotions and surprise over player rankings.

Fans on the MLS subreddit are buzzing about the recent release of the top-selling jerseys in the league. Let’s dive into their reactions!


  • De la Vega at #6 with minimal playtime sparks sympathy among fans.
  • Supporters express mixed feelings towards player rankings and their contributions.
  • Requests for alternate jerseys and surprises at jersey designs are common themes.
  • International fanbase impact noted, such as the popularity of Bongi kits in South Africa.

De la Vega’s Ranking

Fans sympathize with de la Vega’s #6 spot despite limited playing time, hoping for his swift return to the field for Atlanta United.

International Impact

The influence of international fans is evident, exemplified by the significant demand for Bongi kits from South Africa’s supporters.

Surprising Rankings

Surprise emerges over unexpected placements, like Acosta at #3, with fans critiquing design choices alongside player positions.

Reactions reflect a mix of adoration, disappointment, and amusement as fans scrutinize the top jersey sales list.