MLS Season Pass and Broadcast Schedule: Fans Speak Out

How fans react to the MLS Season Pass and broadcast schedule reveals mixed emotions.

MLS fans express mixed emotions towards the Season Pass and broadcast schedule. The post highlights comments from users sharing their thoughts. Whether it’s apologizing for team performance, expressing frustration, or questioning match assignments, the community is actively engaging with the topic.


  • Fans feel apologetic for their team’s performance.
  • Some users express frustration and disappointment.
  • Questions arise regarding match assignments and commentary choices.

Apologies and Regrets

One user empathizes with Charlotte, feeling apologetic for their team’s recent struggles, admitting fault on behalf of the team.

Expressed Frustration

Another user’s blunt reaction encapsulates the frustration shared by fans, using explicit language to convey their disappointment.

Questioning Match Assignments

A user questions the commentary pairings for a specific match, finding the choices unconventional and wondering about the rationale behind them.

Overall, the MLS Season Pass and broadcast schedule evoke varied responses from fans, reflecting their emotional investment and critical engagement with the league and its offerings.