MLS 2024 Attendance Tracker Analysis: Ups and Downs of Stadium Crowds

Exploring MLS attendance trends in 2024: from sell-outs to disappointing turnouts.

MLS fans are analyzing the attendance numbers from Matchday 14 in 2024. The discussion covers everything from sell-outs to empty seats.


  • Portland’s attendance decline from powerhouse status.
  • Chicago and Colorado also facing stadium crowd woes.
  • Positive outlook on most clubs’ steady attendance.
  • Nashville’s stadium appearing empty despite reported attendance.


I remember when Portland used to be a powerhouse in MLS. The TIMBER Army filled the place. Now, their numbers are slipping, even on Wednesday games.


Christian provides attendance updates for Red Bulls and St. Louis City games. Details the adjustments made to reported numbers for accuracy.


Commends the majority of MLS teams for maintaining steady attendance numbers, even if performance on the field isn’t exceptional.


Expresses surprise at MLS clubs still managing to sell out despite challenges.


Notes the discrepancy in Nashville’s reported attendance numbers, pointing out empty seats despite the figures.