MLP Draft 2024: Winners and Losers

Explore the highs and lows of the MLP Draft 2024 results as fans voice their opinions on the player placements.

The MLP Draft 2024 results sparked a whirlwind of emotions among fans, with some celebrating their favorites’ success and others left questioning the picks.


  • Fans express joy over certain players making it to the premier league.
  • Disappointment surfaces due to notable players missing out on selection.
  • Questions arise regarding the reasoning behind specific player placements.

Celebration and Confusion

Many fans were thrilled to see players like Humberg reach the premier league. However, the absence of Jack Munro left others feeling disheartened.

Controversial Choices

Some fans were taken aback by the low placement of Collin Johns, prompting reactions of disbelief and frustration.

Unanswered Questions

Supporters like TehAktion were left undecided on their fandom choice, seeking insights into the team compositions that would resonate with them.