MLB’s Fake CGI Ads: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

Are fake CGI ads ruining the game for MLB fans, or are they just part of the modern viewing experience?

I find it absolutely crazy that MLB can allow these obviously fake CGI ads on the pitcher’s mound and behind home plate. They’re too bright, glitch in and out, often obscure the pitcher and the ball, and look completely out of place with their surroundings. During the past few days I’ve started watching the Mets v Phillies games, but both times gave up after an inning because these stupid ads are just so distracting. Are these fake ads driving anyone else away from watching games?


  • Fans divided on impact of fake CGI ads in MLB games
  • Some find ads distracting, while others see them as part of the viewing experience
  • Opinions range from annoyance to indifference towards the ads

Positive Reactions

Many fans like defragc value the game over the ads, expressing a love for baseball despite the presence of CGI distractions.

Negative Reactions

Some fans like TheButtDog find the fake ads distracting and discouraging, affecting their enjoyment of watching games.

Indifference Towards Ads

Others like ArchieConnors acknowledge the annoyance but state that it doesn’t stop them from enjoying the games overall.

Fans are split on the impact of these fake CGI ads in MLB games, with reactions ranging from frustration to acceptance. While some find them distracting and even discouraging, others see them as a minor nuisance in the grand scheme of the game. Ultimately, it seems that the love for baseball itself eclipses any negative effects the ads may have on the viewing experience.