MLB City Connect Jersey Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

MLB fans discuss the Guardians city connect jerseys and are split on their opinions.

MLB fans flock to Reddit to share their thoughts, praise, and criticism of the Guardians city connect jerseys. From fonts to overall design, opinions vary widely among users.


  • Opinions on the Guardians city connect jerseys are divided.
  • Some users appreciate the design, while others find fault with it.
  • Comparison with other MLB city connect jerseys sparks debates on Reddit.

Kenny7Lofton: A Decent Design

Kenny7Lofton expresses his approval of the Guardians city connect jerseys, rating them higher than the Tigers and Phillies designs but inferior to the Rays’.

SenorCardgage27: Font Consistency

SenorCardgage27 points out the discrepancy in fonts between the shirt and cap, suggesting that uniformity would improve the overall look.

Carnage1421: Jersey Appreciation

Carnage1421 considers the Guardians city connect jerseys to be among the best in MLB history, applauding their design.

apersello34: Simple Likability

apersello34 keeps it straightforward by stating that they like the Guardians city connect jerseys without delving into specifics.

SINY10306: Unique Design

SINY10306 highlights the distinctiveness of the Guardians jerseys compared to the Tigers’ design, appreciating the departure from a mechanic-like appearance.

SugonDeez69: Room for Improvement

SugonDeez69 criticizes the overall quality of MLB city connect jerseys, indicating a prevalent dissatisfaction among fans regarding this initiative.

As MLB continues to experiment with city connect jerseys, fans remain vocal about their likes and dislikes. While some find the Guardians design impressive, others see room for enhancement. The variety of opinions reflects the diverse preferences within the MLB fanbase, keeping the discussion lively and engaging.