Minnesota Wild Unveiling New Logo: Fact or Fiction?

Are the Minnesota Wild really rebranding? Dive into the rumors and speculation surrounding the team’s potential new look.

Are the Minnesota Wild really rebranding? Reddit users are abuzz with speculation about the team’s future logo.


  • Wild executive denies rebrand, sparking skepticism.
  • Icethetics’ credibility adds weight to the rumor.
  • Fans divided on potential color scheme changes.

Executive Denial

It seems the Wild are keeping their new look under wraps, with an executive shooting down rebrand rumors. Could this be a strategic move to build suspense?

Fan Reactions

Some fans mourn the potential loss of John Deere colors, while others welcome a return to the 2010’s red home. The debate rages on!

Intriguing Speculation

Reddit users speculate on the team’s decision-making process, with one suggesting a strategic denial to manage public perception. Is this a wise move or a risky strategy?

With rumors swirling and fans speculating, the Minnesota Wild’s potential rebrand has everyone on the edge of their seats.