Minnesota Vikings Make Bold Move with J.J. McCarthy Pick: Fan Reactions

The Minnesota Vikings’ selection of J.J. McCarthy as the 10th pick provokes mixed sentiments among NFL fans.

The Minnesota Vikings surprised fans with the 10th pick: JJ McCarthy, QB, Michigan.


  • Fans divided on Vikings’ choice of JJ McCarthy.
  • Minnesota not the expected landing spot for McCarthy.
  • Several fans question the high number of QB picks in top 10.
  • Positive vibes for the future ‘JJ-JJ connection.’


McCarthy played high school in Illinois, college in Michigan, and now the anti-Packers man will be in Minnesota.


Excited to see what the JJ-JJ connection brings to the Vikings.


Surprised by five QBs in the top 10; questions Atlanta’s move and admires the solid dap between McCarthy and Vikings.

ACTUAL_TIME_TRAVELER likens the QB replacement to a phoenix’s rebirth.

Sc0rch1ngDr4g0n teases Atlanta for trolling but notes the Vikings still got McCarthy.

fishyishy1 anticipates the new era with JJJJ starting now.

jdawg1997 quotes Sam Darnold comparing himself to ‘Jittery JJ’ McCarthy.

MatticInYoAttic appreciates not trading multiple firsts to secure McCarthy.

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