Minnesota Twins City Connect Jerseys: Love Them or Hate Them?

Fans debate the Minnesota Twins’ City Connect jerseys – are they a hit or a miss?

Discussing the Minnesota Twins’ City Connect jerseys, fans have mixed feelings about the design. While some appreciate the unique take, others criticize the lack of creativity and aesthetics.


  • Opinions on the Minnesota Twins’ City Connect jerseys range from appreciation to disappointment.
  • Fans note similarities to corporate attire and lack of creativity in the design.
  • Some suggest alternative color schemes and inspiration sources for the jerseys.

Fans’ Reactions

Some users compared the jerseys to golf shirts from a corporate event, emphasizing the lack of appeal.

Others expressed disappointment, suggesting last-minute redesigns and bolder color choices.

Critics highlighted the repetitive use of blue and black in City Connect jerseys and called for more creative designs.

Despite the criticism, some fans appreciated specific elements like the Twins’ cap in the ensemble.