Mindblowing Fishing Tales: One Lake, Two Giant Pike!

Discover the jaw-dropping story of catching two monstrous pike in the same lake, just one week apart!

Two massive pike caught in the same lake, a week apart? It sounds like something out of a fishing fairy tale! Let’s dive into the thrilling Reddit post where Henne1921 shares their incredible tale of adventure and mystery on the waters.


  • Witness the astonishing tale of two gargantuan pike, sparking debates of size and identity!
  • Users question if it’s the same fish lurking beneath the dock, birthing the legend of ‘Carl.’
  • Enthusiasts marvel at the catch, with speculations on bait and summer beginnings.

Size Matters

The first photo sparked a debate on the size discrepancy. ‘Beasts,’ Pirateship907 exclaimed, reflecting the sentiment of many users who were astonished by the visual comparison.

The Legend of Carl

HoboArmyofOne raised suspicions about the pikes’ identities. ‘First picture looks way bigger,’ indicating that the lurking fish under the dock might be a legendary creature named Carl.

Summer Beginnings

Users like 747-ppp-2 couldn’t help but feel the summer vibes. ‘Dang! That’s a good start to the summer,’ capturing the excitement of a promising fishing season.

User Vast_Patient_5927 complimented the picturesque setup and inquired about the location, adding to the charm of the fishing saga.