Mid-terms are Fast Approaching: A Humorous Take on Golf Memes

Discover the uproarious world of golf memes as users humorously discuss mid-terms in this Reddit thread.

When mid-terms in golf are as tricky as any exam!


  • Underperforming coach fired sparks 4-game win streak.
  • Meme format suggestions for new teams get creative.
  • Fans humorously critique teams’ performance.

Thorns’ Winning Streak and Coach Firing:

One user notes the Thorns’ winning streak started after firing their underperforming coach, sparking the team’s success.

Team Meme Format Suggestions:

Another user suggests a meme format for a new team, showing creativity in discussing potential team dynamics.

Fans’ Humorous Critiques:

Users humorously critique teams’ performance, from learning how to win games to copying strategies for other teams, adding a light-hearted touch to the discussion.