Meeting Tiger Woods: A Fan’s Dream Come True

A fan recounts their epic encounter with Tiger Woods, sparking controversy and skepticism among fellow Redditors.

Reddit user I_tickle_bootyholes shared their thrilling experience of meeting Tiger Woods.


  • Encounter with Tiger Woods sparks skepticism
  • Debate over authenticity of photo
  • Humorous comments add entertainment
  • Mixed reactions from Redditors
  • Meeting Tiger

    One Redditor shared their experience meeting a legend, igniting both awe and doubt among the community. The post garnered attention with a photo supposedly depicting the encounter, stirring up varied reactions.

    Photo Authentication

    While some questioned the legitimacy of the image, others delved into humorous inquiries and playful banter. The authenticity of the moment remained a point of contention, adding a layer of intrigue to the discussion.

    Community Engagement

    From jokes about tickling Tiger’s bootyhole to references to Big Bird and bananas for scale, the comments section brimmed with comedic relief and lighthearted skepticism. Redditors embraced the playful nature of the thread, showcasing their wit and creativity.

    Opinions Galore

    With opinions ranging from disbelief to amusement, the community showcased its diverse perspectives on the encounter. The post not only sparked humor but also highlighted the passion and engagement within the golf subreddit.