Matrix Launches OZIK Altus MFS Series Golf Shafts

After the success Matrix had after launching their OZIK line that featured three distinct and different launch profiles – The M3 Black Tie, Q3 Red Tie and X3 White Tie. Matrix decided to launch a similar line for hybrids. This new line consists of the:

OZIK HM3 Altus – low launching and low-spinning
OZIK HQ3 Altus – mid-launching and mid-spinning
OZIK HX3 Altus – high-launching and low-spinning

These shafts cosmetically mirrors the woods line in the same black, red and white base coats. These shafts debuted back at the Barclays tournament and available to the public through a certified Matrix Dealer. These shafts are currently stock in a number of hybrid club including the Adams IDEA Super DHY. Expect to see the Q3 version in 2014. We’ll share specs and details when they become available, but most likely these are a Asia release for now.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Iam a 70 yerars old and interested in bying Stock Matrix Ozik Altus shaft A Flex for mine driver .It is aTitlest 913.Where could i by the shaft and much is the price.Thanks

    • Hi Nelson – thanks for your comment. The A shaft in this line would likely be a good fit, with a mid launch and mid-spin. However the torque for your swing speed (I’m going off a typical senior swing speed) may be a little low at 3.4. But if you like the shaft go for it. These shafts will run you about $150 if you’re adding it to another club, and depending on your area of the country you could have this done at most golf shops or golf stores. All the best!

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