Mastering the Pickleball Lob: Strategies to Counter Opponent’s Lobs

Struggling with defending against lobs in pickleball matches? Discover effective strategies to prevent opponent lobs and improve your game.

Learn valuable strategies to counter your opponent’s lobs in pickleball and take your game to the next level.


  • Master the art of driving your return low and fast to make lobbing difficult.
  • Consider adapting your playing style by anticipating lobs and adjusting your positioning.
  • Develop a strong overhead shot and improve your backhand lobs for better defense against lobs.

Pickleball Strategy: Drive Your Return

Returning slow, high bouncing shots with a low, fast drive can disrupt your opponent’s lobbing strategy and put you in control of the point.

Positioning and Anticipation

Adjust your positioning on the court by staying slightly back to react better to incoming lobs and be ready to handle third shot lobs effectively.

Improving Your Skills

Focus on enhancing your overhead shot and mastering backhand lobs to counter your opponent’s lobs with confidence and skill.