Mastering the Drop Serve in Pickleball: Rules, Myths, and Tips

Confused about the drop serve in pickleball? Learn the rules, myths, and tips from the pros!

Hello! A player’s backhand drop serve in pickleball sparks a debate on serving rules and techniques.


  • Drop serve allows freedom in contact height and paddle orientation.
  • Drop serve only requires the ball to be dropped, not thrown, without spin.
  • Different opinions on drop serve effectiveness and strategic advantage.
  • Understanding the distinctions between drop serve and volley serve in pickleball.
  • Debunking the Myths

    In the world of pickleball, there seems to be a common misconception surrounding the drop serve. Some players believe that specific requirements dictate the contact point, paddle height, and swing direction for a successful drop serve. However, the truth is quite the opposite, as confirmed by experienced players on the subreddit.

    One player shared a humorous anecdote about designing a custom shirt to ward off serve critiques, reflecting the frustration many face when their legal serves are questioned by opponents who may not fully grasp the nuances of the drop serve rules.

    Mix It Up

    The drop serve offers players a chance to diversify their serving strategy and keep opponents guessing. While some players advocate for simplifying the rules for the volley serve, others find the drop serve equally advantageous, if not more so, due to its flexibility and unpredictability.

    Strategic Considerations

    Amidst the debate on serve types, a player shared a cautionary tale about focusing on spin and flair over practical effectiveness. The key takeaway here is the importance of evaluating the impact of each shot in terms of winning points, rather than getting caught up in style points.

    Players emphasized the need for a neutral drop without added spin or height variations to ensure the serve remains legal and effective. By understanding the nuances of the drop serve rules, players can enhance their serving prowess and strategic gameplay.