Mastering Angle Shots in Pickleball: A Deceptive Overhead Guide

Learn the secrets to hitting elusive angles on overhead shots in pickleball.

Learn the secrets to hitting elusive angles on overhead shots in pickleball. Join the discussion on how to improve your game!


  • Hitting angles on overhead shots requires precise hand and wrist movements.
  • Footwork plays a crucial role in setting up for angled shots.
  • Players suggest adjusting grips and rotating paddles to control ball direction.
  • Referencing techniques from other sports, like tennis and badminton, can enhance angle shots.


This player emphasizes grip adjustments and dedicated training for mastering angles on overhead shots. JW Johnson’s technique is highlighted as a model for effective play.


The importance of keeping the ball in front of you during the shot is discussed for optimal power and accuracy. The body mechanics required for hitting angles to different sides are explained through analogies with other sports.


Methods involving paddle rotation and wrist adjustments are suggested for achieving angled shots. Practice with a ball machine is recommended for skill enhancement


Comparing the overhead shot to a tennis serve, this player shares insights on using wrist pronation to control the direction of the shot. The technique of facing downward to create a steep trajectory is detailed


Grip changes and wrist movements are described to vary shot angles based on the player’s dominant hand. Different grips and wrist actions are recommended for hits to the left and right sides