Masterful Illustration of a Pickleball Serve: Legal or Just for Showcase?

Check out this unique pickleball serve position and find out if it’s legal or not!

A Reddit user shared an illustration of an unconventional pickleball serve position and asked fellow players for feedback.


  • Community approves the drawing for its creativity despite the unconventional stance.
  • Some users question the legality of the serve position and suggest seeking expert advice.
  • Humor shines through as users suggest selling the artwork as an NFT or comparing the stance to movie techniques.

Legal or Creative?

While some users find the illustration impressive and creative, questioning the practicality of the stance is valid. The discussion about the serve’s legality adds depth to the conversation.

Artistic Appreciation

Users praising the artwork showcase the positive community spirit and encourage creativity among pickleball enthusiasts. The lighthearted jokes about selling the painting as an NFT add a modern twist to the conversation.

Technical Analysis

Comments pointing out the technical aspects, like the position of the front foot or the foot shadow, add a touch of expertise to the discussion. This attention to detail reflects the community’s dedication to the sport.

The varied responses demonstrate the diverse perspectives within the pickleball community, blending humor, expertise, and creativity in a single thread.