Manchester United Roof Fail: Fans React to Old Trafford Leaks

Fans express outrage as leaks at Old Trafford pose safety risks and reflect club’s neglect.

Reddit users discuss Manchester United’s failure to address Old Trafford roof leaks and the implications on fan safety and club reputation.


  • Outrage at the neglect of fixing Old Trafford’s roof despite known leaks.
  • Fans question the safety risks posed by the damaged roof.
  • Criticism towards the club for prioritizing profit over addressing infrastructure issues.

Roofer at Home

One user humorously comments on the situation, saying, ‘When the roofer works from homeā€¦’ The irony is not lost on fans.

Fall from Grace

The sentiment among fans reflects disappointment in Manchester United’s decline, comparing the club’s situation to a ‘terrible fall from grace.’ The neglect of the roof symbolizes broader issues within the team.

Financial Priorities

Users express frustration at a wealthy club like Manchester United failing to prioritize fixing infrastructure over profit generation. The disconnect between revenue and fan safety is a common theme.