Manchester United Drama: Alejandro Garnacho’s Twitter Fiasco

Manchester United’s Erik ten Hag deals with Alejandro Garnacho over controversial tweet likes. Scandal or overreaction?

Manchester United’s Erik ten Hag finds himself in a Twitter storm over Alejandro Garnacho’s liking of critical tweets. Fans react with humor and concern.


  • Fans humorously speculate on extreme punishments for Garnacho.
  • Some fans criticize the club’s internal leadership and discipline.
  • Debate on the appropriate response to social media behavior from players.

Fans’ Reaction to the Incident

Many fans found humor in the situation, likening it to scenes from movies like The Godfather and spy thrillers.

One user jokingly questioned if Garnacho received a decapitated horse head or is now ‘sleeping with the fishes’ as punishment.

Concerns About Club Environment

Some fans expressed disappointment in the club’s dressing room leadership, highlighting the issue of a young player feeling comfortable engaging in controversial behavior.

One fan criticized Garnacho’s action after a subpar performance, suggesting it was disrespectful to the team.

Debate on Player Social Media Behavior

There was a debate among fans about how clubs should handle players’ actions on social media, with opinions ranging from leniency to strict consequences.

Some fans felt the club needed to address the issue seriously to maintain discipline and respect within the team.

Ultimately, the incident sparked varied reactions from fans, highlighting both the entertainment and serious sides of social media controversies in sports.