Manchester City’s 10k Run and Victory Parade: A Fan Frenzy or Embarrassing Anticlimax?

Exploring reactions to Manchester City’s 10k run and victory parade – fan excitement or disappointment?

Thousands flooded the city streets in celebration of Manchester City’s 10k run and victory parade, but fan sentiment was mixed.


  • Fans question the turnout, joking about low numbers.
  • Some suggest alternative distances or mock the event.
  • Critics point out perceived lack of genuine fan support.

Reactions to the Parade

Users made light of the crowd size, with one humorously questioning if only 115 people attended, showcasing a hint of skepticism and mockery.

Celebrations and Criticism

One user sarcastically referenced Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France victories and another suggested running 11.5km instead of 10k, indicating a tone of mockery towards the event.

Fan Allegiance and Perception

Commenters implied that Manchester City was riding on the coattails of other events to bolster their parade attendance, revealing doubts about the authenticity of fan support.

Overall, fans displayed a mix of amusement, skepticism, and criticism towards the fan turnout for Manchester City’s 10k run and victory parade.