Lululemon Gift Card Scam: A Cautionary Tale

Beware! Read this cautionary tale of being scammed with a Lululemon gift card.

A cautionary tale of a gift card scam at Lululemon. Be cautious when buying gift cards!


  • A Lululemon gift card scam left a Reddit user out of $200 and frustrated with corporate response.
  • The missing scratch strip on the gift card was a telltale sign of tampering in the scam.
  • Lululemon’s corporate service department failed to provide satisfactory resolution.

Community Outrage

Many users expressed outrage at Lululemon’s apparent lack of support for the scam victim, questioning the company’s integrity.

Call for Fil’s Action

One user suggested the victim’s FIL file a chargeback to recoup the lost funds, adding a layer of resolution.

Industry Standards

Users debated whether other merchants would handle a gift card scam situation differently, reflecting on overall industry practices.