Luka Doncic’s Top Perimeter Defenders: A Surprising List

What does Luka Doncic think about top perimeter defenders? His list might surprise you.

Luka Doncic recently praised Lu Dort as one of the top three perimeter defenders in the league. The basketball community has mixed reactions to his list.


  • Doncic names Lu Dort, Jrue Holiday, and Derrick Jones Jr. as top defenders
  • Fans appreciate Doncic’s recognition but debate other potential top defenders
  • Some find Doncic’s choices reasonable, considering the league’s talent


Luka’s acknowledgment of Lu Dort’s defensive skills has fans buzzing. User W_Walk fondly recalled Doncic’s previous praise for Herb, adding a touch of humor by calling him ‘my goat.’


User dereleek07 offers perspective on the subjective nature of defensive rankings. They suggest that while there are plenty of great defenders, only three can be in the top tier.

Team Loyalty

Rhystanz hopes Derrick Jones Jr. stays with the Mavs but also expresses support for his potential growth elsewhere in the league, highlighting the mix of personal and team-related sentiments among fans.

“Turbulent_Cherry_481” also defends Doncic’s comment, emphasizing that the question likely caught him off-guard and shouldn’t be overanalyzed. They hint at the depth of defensive talent across all teams in the league, debunking any potential controversy.

beardybuddha lightens the mood by addressing overreacting Wolves fans, bringing a touch of laughter to the discussion amidst the seriousness of defensive rankings.

WhoFartedMan humorously points out the contrasting reactions of fans, illustrating the common trend of fan bias when their favorite players are not mentioned. The post showcases the fun and casual banter that often characterizes these sports conversations.