Luka Doncic’s Three-Point Mastery: A Lone Star in the Dallas Sky

Luka shines bright as the only Dallas player making 3s; rest of the team struggling at 9%.

In a sea of missed shots, Luka Doncic emerges as the lone sharpshooter for Dallas, reminiscent of 2007 LeBron.


  • Luka is carrying Dallas with his impressive three-point shooting.
  • The team’s overall poor performance from beyond the arc is a cause for concern.
  • Comparisons to past NBA stars highlight the significance of Luka’s contributions.
  • The lack of playoff experience could be affecting the team’s performance.
  • SmokeyJoeseph

    “LOL @ NSFW

    Don’t let your coworkers see those stats!” SmokeyJoeseph finds humor in the team’s struggles.


    “Mavs shooting outside of Luka is so ass that OP had to make it NSFW ☠️” The user criticizes the team’s performance.


    “9% is crazy, they are letting him down hard.” Acework23 expresses disappointment in the team’s support for Luka.