Looking for Discounts on Joola Gen 3 Paddle? Read This!

Seeking Joola Gen 3 discounts? Get insider tips on where to save!

Are you on the hunt for a discount code for the Joola Gen 3 paddle? Well, look no further! Reddit users have all the insider tips you need to snag a deal on this popular pickleball gear.


  • One user suggests checking eBay for surprise deals.
  • Another user points out a source where discount codes may be available.
  • A rep offers assistance with deals and references for the Joola Gen 3.
  • Not everyone believes discount codes will work on this product.

Insider eBay Tip

“Look around on eBay. I just sent an incredibly low ball offer that I thought would never be accepted. I accidentally bought a 14mm Perseus 3 for $190 shipped.”

Discount Code Source

“On fromuth you can use discount codes.”

Rep Assistance Offer

“No codes work on these. We reps can help out with deals/answer questions. Pm me if interested, I’ve got tons of references to share.”

Contrary Belief