Leg Health Tips for Pickleball Players – Squats, Lunges, and More

Discover pre and post-game leg routines to enhance your pickleball experience!

Are you a pickleball player looking to improve your leg health for better performance on the court? Let’s dive into some pre-game and post-game routines recommended by experienced players!


  • Players suggest incorporating squats and lunges for leg endurance and knee health.
  • Dynamic warm-up exercises like high knee pulls and calf raises are beneficial.
  • Stretching and proper warm-up routines are crucial for preventing injuries.
  • Recovery techniques such as foam rolling and stretching aid in post-game recovery.
  • Exercises and Stretches

    Players like MeleMath emphasize lower weight, higher rep squats and lunges for knee health and mobility. Additionally, focusing on hip flexors and adductors improves lateral and vertical movements.

    Pre-Game Warm-Up

    ktranization recommends dynamic warm-up exercises like Frankenstein walks and lunge twists to prepare the body for intense pickleball matches.

    Injury Prevention

    CrypticFeed suggests Spanish Squats for patellar pain relief and emphasizes the importance of proper stretching and warm-up to prevent injuries on the court.

    Recovery Techniques

    vc_bastard shares a recovery routine involving foam rolling and Thera gunning to maintain lower body strength and aid in post-game recovery, especially crucial as you age.

    Leg health is vital for pickleball players to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Incorporating these pre-game and post-game routines recommended by experienced players can help you stay at the top of your game on the courts!