Leeds United’s Financial Struggles: Can they make £100m selling players?

Leeds United faces a daunting task of raising £100m through player sales if they miss out on Premier League promotion. How will they manage this financial challenge?

Leeds United’s future hangs on a £100m cliff edge as they contemplate the need to sell players if Premier League promotion eludes them.


  • Leeds United faces a substantial financial obstacle of needing to raise £100m through player sales.
  • Fans are skeptical about the feasibility and sustainability of this requirement within a single year.
  • Speculation arises on which players might need to be sold to meet this financial target.


To be fair they have so many players on loan they can sell, including players in top leagues. Koch, Harrison, Anderson, Kristensen, Llorente, Roca, Wober, Sinisterra, Greenwood and Drameh. I think they’ll end up needing to sell someone like Summerville, Gray or Gnonto but they won’t need to gut their squad that’s actually been playing this season.


Fuck me, how is that sustainable? Leeds went down with good revenues and relatively low outgoings in wages and stuff. And you’re telling me in one singular year outside the top flight they’d have to recoup £100m on failing to be promoted?!


Summerville will be about 40% of it.


This article is complete bollocks, going off the official figures we’d need 30 million, which we’ll make off of the loanees even when we sell at a loss.

All Norwich aren’t we!!!