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Kuro Kage Black HBP Profile


Profile – This latest from Mitsubishi Rayon is the Kuro Kage Black HBP – but it isn’t exactly new to the market. This shaft has been on the market for sometime, and this re-make of it offers a Higher Balance Point – hence the HBP. This shaft has a particularly interesting bend profile – one that starts stiff at the butt, loosens up in the mid-section, and maintains that through to the tip.  It’s quite noticeably softer and more responsive then its Silver TiNi brother (see the bend profile chart).


What Makes It Work – As said by the manufacturer: “This new shaft features the same technically advanced High Density Prepreg with up to 15 percent more carbon fiber and significantly less resin (20 vs. 33 percent) than standard prepreg. Fewer gaps and voids in the prepreg creates more consistent performance, increased stability and a better feel at impact with less harshness.” Mitsubishi thickened up the walls of the shaft leading up to the butt section, raising the balance point up and leading to the softer mid and tip section.  With all this said, don’t go thinking this shaft is a weakling. Even with this profile, the tip torque maxes 4.8 for stiff, and drops down to 2.8 for X. These specs are only a touch softer than the original Black version without the HBP.

Who’s It For – This shaft is great for players using adjustable driver technology as well as those who simply like a smooth balanced feel to their shafts.  With models ranging from L to X, a large weight variety from 50-70 grams,  and quite some variance in torque, there is likely a shaft that will fit most swing types and speeds – as long as you don’t mind spending $200 for a new shaft.



MSRP – $200


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