Kopitar’s Hilarious Reaction Sparks Reddit Frenzy in Hockey Community

Kopitar’s reaction to a question about Kempe’s “wood” leaves Reddit in stitches. Find out why!

When LA Kings’ forward, Kempe’s ‘wood’ is mentioned in a press conference, Kopitar’s priceless reaction sets Reddit ablaze. Fans react hilariously to the moment, pointing out his comical expressions and potential internet habits. Let’s dive into the uproar.


  • Fans find Kopitar’s reaction to the question about Kempe’s ‘wood’ uproariously funny.
  • Many users compare Kopitar to an average internet user, hinting at his potential Reddit presence.
  • The community appreciates the light-hearted moment, showering praise on Kopitar’s demeanor.

Reactionary Laughter

When Kempe’s ‘wood’ enters the conversation, Kopitar’s facial expressions undergo a comical transformation. Fans are quick to point out the hilarity of the situation, with users like ‘alextrebeksuckit’ noting Kopitar’s priceless processing of the questionable term.

The Reddit Detective

Speculation runs wild on Reddit as users like ‘Hiei2k7’ suggest that Kopitar might be more than just a hockey captain—the face he makes hints at his potential presence on the platform. Could Kopitar be a secret Redditor?

Praising the Captain

Amidst the laughter, some users like ‘FakeTreverMoore12’ take a moment to express gratitude for having Kopitar as the captain of the team. The blend of humor and respect showcases the diverse reactions to the moment.

The uproar surrounding Kopitar’s reaction to Kempe’s ‘wood’ sheds light on the hockey community’s ability to find humor in unexpected situations, all while appreciating the leadership of their beloved captain. The blend of amusement and admiration highlights the intricate relationship between players, fans, and the ever-entertaining world of sports.