Knies Seals the Deal: TOR (2)-1 BOS – Fan Reactions

Fan reactions to Knies’ game-winning goal ignite a mix of excitement and disappointment on the ice.

In a thrilling game between TOR and BOS, Knies’ goal set off a wave of emotions.


  • Fans in awe of Knies’ game-winning performance
  • Bruins supporters lament missed opportunities
  • Excitement builds for the upcoming game

Fans Energized

Knies’ epic goal had fans on the edge of their seats, celebrating a well-deserved victory. Comments like “VERY KNIES” and “Knies deserved that, he had a great game” flooded the forum, highlighting the excitement among supporters.

Bruins’ Disappointment

Some Bruins fans expressed frustration at their team’s performance, with one user noting, “That’s what you get for playing like you have two more chances to win the series.” The disappointment was palpable, as supporters grappled with the missed opportunity.

Looking Ahead

Despite the mixed reactions, anticipation for the upcoming game was evident in comments such as, “Oh no the Bruins are doing it again.” Fans are gearing up for more thrilling moments on the ice.