Knee Replacement and Pickleball: A Comeback Story

Join the conversation on knee replacement and pickleball comeback timelines!

A pickleball player is looking for insight on recovery timelines post total knee replacement. Will they be back on the court soon?


  • Recovery timelines vary, with some players back in 6-8 weeks.
  • Hard work with PT is crucial for a successful comeback.
  • A positive outlook and dedication can lead to a stronger return to the game.

DingBat99999’s Perspective

DingBat99999 shares insights on quick recovery post-surgery, emphasizing the importance of dedication to PT for a successful comeback.

Samuraistabber’s Experience

Samuraistabber mentions players returning to the court 8-12 weeks after knee replacement, showcasing the positive impact of modern medical advancements.

GildMyComments’ Encouragement

GildMyComments reflects on players who came back stronger and in less pain post-surgery, offering support and positivity for a successful pickleball career.

SheFlexes’ Recovery Journey

SheFlexes and her boyfriend’s contrasting recovery timelines post TKR provide hope for a return to the game and highlight the variability in individual recoveries.

DWM16’s Tips for Success

DWM16 emphasizes the importance of choosing the right surgeon and committing to post-surgery exercises for a better and quicker comeback.

Due_Bear7023’s Curiosity

Due_Bear7023 raises questions about artificial knees and recovery timelines, showcasing the concerns and curiosity surrounding knee replacement procedures.