Kevin Durant: Ball is Life Even in the Club!

You don’t become a generational shooter by accident folks. Ball is life, even in the club.

Kevin Durant, the generational shooter, brings his dedication to the club, sparking a mix of awe and humor from fellow Redditors. Witness his devotion to the game even in unconventional settings!


  • KD showcases his commitment to excellence by practicing his jumper in unexpected places.
  • Redditors are entertained by Durant’s dedication, sparking playful comments.
  • Some admire KD’s work ethic, while others find humor in the situation.

Redditors React

“This bores me. Is anyone up for a game of basketball?” Tomkrish expressed his sentiment, craving more action.

WozzyD sees Durant continuing his shooting prowess at LA Fitness post-retirement – a humorous take on KD’s dedication.

Ball is Life

“Nobody loves basketball more than KD,” dealerofbananas acknowledges Durant’s deep passion for the game.

“Bro is scaring the hoes 💀,” Apatheticx humorously observes KD’s intimidating presence in the club.

Dedication Level: Expert

“KD wasn’t lying when he said ball is life,” Cowfan798 acknowledges Durant’s commitment to the sport.

Subredditcensorship jokes about the necessity for KD to marry a WNBA star due to his unmatched dedication to basketball.

Shooting Practice

“Is this what KAT meant when he said up to 1500 shots per day?” Disastrous-One-414 draws a comparison between Durant’s practice and KAT’s legendary shooting regimen.

“Bud putting the boys to work already,” KevinDurantLebronnin adds a touch of humor to Durant’s relentless practice routine.