Joola MAGNUS 3 16mm Paddle Review – A Game Changer?

Is the Joola MAGNUS 3 16mm paddle a game changer for pickleball enthusiasts? Let’s find out!

The Joola MAGNUS 3 16mm paddle is making waves in the pickleball community, with players sharing their firsthand experiences and opinions on its performance.


  • The MAGNUS paddle offers impressive power and spin, enhancing gameplay for users like VeenusEnvy and others.
  • Players have noted differences in sound and sweet spot size compared to other paddles, impacting their overall experience.
  • Concerns about paddle quality, such as uneven texture, have been raised by users purchasing online.

Joola MAGNUS 3 – A Closer Look

Players like VeenusEnvy have highlighted the unique features of the MAGNUS paddle, from its design to performance capabilities. The distinct sound produced and the larger sweet spot have garnered positive feedback, offering players enhanced control and shot precision.

Player Feedback & Impressions

User comments reflect a mix of excitement and critique towards the Joola MAGNUS 3 paddle. While some, like jfit2331, praise its top spin and power, others, like CriticalAd3482, humorously mention the gritty texture dilemma faced upon purchasing the paddle.

Performance & Top Spin

The paddle’s ability to generate intense top spin, as noted by players such as matttopotamus, showcases its potential to elevate gameplay and unlock new shot angles. Players like Machine8851 emphasize the paddle’s power, enabling them to deliver impressive shots previously out of reach.

Altogether, the Joola MAGNUS 3 16mm paddle presents a blend of innovation and performance, sparking discussions and excitement within the pickleball community.