Join the Running Community: Tales of New Runners

Meet new runners sharing their exhilarating journey into the world of running!

Looking to get involved in the world of running? The Reddit post ‘Lurkers’ Wednesday’ showcases new runners sharing their exciting experiences and milestones. Running enthusiasts of all levels come together to support and motivate each other. Whether it’s starting out as a novice or training for marathons, the running community offers camaraderie and encouragement.


  • New runners share their inspiring journeys from beginners to enthusiasts.
  • The community fosters support and motivation for individuals at various running stages.
  • Experiencing personal achievements through running brings joy and fulfillment to newcomers.

Meet the New Runners

Meet Imaginary-Use8044, a newbie runner who found solace in running at 45, showcasing progress through dedication and daily routines.

Immerse yourself in ugh_as_if_12’s journey from skepticism to running 5km without stopping, celebrating personal milestones and newfound confidence.

Therapy Through Running

amandajw29 shares her running as therapy experience, highlighting the adrenaline rush and breakthroughs achieved through dedication, culminating in preparation for a trail run.

Join these individuals in celebrating the triumphs and challenges of their running journeys, each step echoing a shared sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in running.