John Terry’s Take on Chelsea’s 2004/05 Season Sparks Debate Among Premier League Fans

Premier League fans debate the significance of Chelsea’s 2004/05 season compared to Arsenal’s Invincibles.

Premier League fans recently debated on John Terry’s comments about Chelsea’s 2004/05 season, comparing it to Arsenal’s Invincibles. Terry mentioned the team’s loss to Manchester City and the missed opportunities.


  • Debate between fans on the significance of Chelsea’s 2004/05 season vs. Arsenal’s Invincibles.
  • Fans express differing opinions on whether going unbeaten is superior to having fewer losses.
  • Some comments veer into personal attacks rather than focusing on the football comparison.
  • John Terry’s statement ignites a passionate discussion among Premier League enthusiasts.

Fans React to Terry’s Comparison

Fans on the subreddit had mixed reactions to Terry’s comparison. User Stravven believes that one achievement can only be equaled, not beaten, indicating the superiority of going unbeaten. He argues that this underscores the greatness of Arsenal’s Invincibles season.

Financially Distracted Fan

Meanwhile, user calewis10 lightens the mood with a simple request for a quid, showcasing a more lighthearted approach to the intense sports discussion.

Personal Attack in the Discussion

However, not all comments were focused on the football debate. User CraigDM34 took a harsher stance, bringing up personal accusations against John Terry and steering the conversation away from the comparison of the two seasons.

The debate among fans highlights the passion and intensity that Premier League enthusiasts bring to discussions about their favorite teams and players. While opinions may vary, the love for the sport and the loyalty to their respective clubs unite fans in their shared enthusiasm for football.