Jamal Murray’s Mischievous Move: Reddit Reacts to Heat Pack Incident

NBA fans go wild after Jamal Murray’s controversial act during the game. See how the Reddit community responds!

A Reddit post sheds light on Jamal Murray’s disruptive behavior during the game. NBA fans are buzzing about his questionable actions on the court, sparking a heated discussion.


  • Users criticize Murray for his reckless act of throwing the heat pack.
  • Opinions vary on the severity of the punishment he deserves.
  • Some believe Murray’s behavior reflects poorly on his sportsmanship.
  • Fans express concern over the safety implications of his actions.

NBA Fans React

A user commented, ‘Murray is getting away with a lot,’ highlighting the perceived leniency in penalizing his behavior.

Emotional Tilt

Another user remarked, ‘These guys are emotionally tilted,’ suggesting Murray’s actions may stem from frustration.

Safety Concerns

One fan expressed, ‘Should get heavily penalized and potentially even tossed for a play like that,’ emphasizing the seriousness of endangering players.

Reddit buzzes with debates over Murray’s conduct during the game, amplifying the intensity of basketball discussions.