Jack’s Getting The Spear In Dublin, OH

fencesBack in July, Muirfield Village constructed a 5 foot high fence around the property, much to the dismay and anger of local residents. They say the pointy tipped fence looks more like that for a graveyard and not a golf course. They say they bought their homes for access to the parklike setting, and don’t like that they are now being treated as if their outcasts to this beautiful area.

But what they definitely didn’t expect were the dead deer.

Over the past month one deer was impaled on the fence, while another broke it’s leg and had to be put down. Dublin, Oh residents are up in arms for multiple reasons, and are using the power of social media to make some noise. Locals say their beef with the Golden bear comes down to the fact that the city has long been a haven of people who love the game of the golf, and they value the fact that their city has been developed with open spaces, 20 miles of biking paths, community parks and frankly full access

Furthermore there was a similar incident where a child was impaled by a similar style fence when he tried to get his football that flew over it. Jack’s team is adamant that the fences purpose is to help with the crowds of this years upcoming Presidents Cup, however since this is destined to be a permanent fixture along the course boundaries, it’s tough to determine whether thats its sole purpose. Local residents have been in a 5-month battle with Jack and his representatives, and are going so far as to bring out PETA members to protest at the tournament in October.

The course is already looking at options to cover the poles as shown in the image to the right.  For more details on this issue and images – be sure to visit their Facebook Page here: Keep Muirfield Beautiful.

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