Is Waiting on the Group in Front of You Better in Golf?

Join the debate on whether waiting on the group ahead or being pushed through affects your golf experience.

Pace of play in golf can make or break a round, leading to heated discussions among players debating between waiting and being pushed by the group behind.


  • Debate on pace of play and etiquette in golf.
  • Older golfers pushing through younger groups.
  • Preference for waiting over being rushed on the course.
  • Consensus on maintaining pace with the group ahead.
  • Views on Pushing

    When the group behind rushes you, it can affect your focus and enjoyment of the round. Some argue it’s better to wait than feel pressured constantly.

    Etiquette and Respect

    Opinions vary on whether it’s okay to push through or if waiting is the proper etiquette, highlighting the importance of communication in golf.

    Pace of Play Matters

    Maintaining a steady pace with the group ahead ensures a smooth flow on the course, enhancing the overall golf experience for everyone involved.