Is the Ruby Paddle Worth the Hype? Pickleball Players Sound Off!

Discover if the Ruby paddle lives up to its reputation as Pickleball enthusiasts share their insights.

Looking to upgrade your Pickleball paddle? Dive into the discussion surrounding the Ruby paddle’s availability and performance in the Pickleball community.


  • Players share mixed reviews on the Ruby paddle’s performance.
  • Comparison with other paddles like Vactic Pro Prism and Azul by Thrive sparks debate.
  • Community members recommend exploring alternatives like Pickeball Apes for paddle options.

Community Reactions to the Ruby Paddle

When it comes to the Ruby paddle, opinions are divided. Some users, like chaosproz, express their satisfaction, claiming they’ve discovered the sweet spot and are thoroughly enjoying their experience. On the other hand, users like FamiliarQuestion9859 raise doubts about the paddle’s worth when compared to other popular choices like the Vactic Pro Prism.

Exploring Alternatives

Dazzling-Counter8277 suggests trying out the paddles from Pickeball Apes, hinting at a potential competitor in the market. Meanwhile, PotentialAd1145 introduces the Azul paddle by Thrive, claiming it offers more power than the Ruby, leading to further discussions on paddle preferences and performance.

Final Thoughts

The debate surrounding the Ruby paddle showcases the diverse preferences and experiences within the Pickleball community. Whether you’re seeking a paddle that hits the sweet spot or prioritizes power, exploring different options based on personal playstyle remains key. With numerous paddle choices available, finding the perfect fit might require some trial and error, but engaging with fellow players’ insights can certainly guide you in the right direction.