Is the Joola Essentials a Decent Entry Level Paddle for $50? Reddit Users Weigh In

Discover what Reddit users think about the Joola Essentials paddle for pickleball and whether it’s worth its $50 price tag.

Reddit users are debating the value of the Joola Essentials pickleball paddle offered at $50. Let’s dive into the discussion and see what the community has to say.


  • Users propose alternatives like the Selkirk Primes or Professor Prime paddle.
  • Some believe Ali-Express offers better paddles for the price.
  • The Joola Essentials is favored by those looking for budget-friendly options.

Alternative Options

One user suggests, “The Selkirk Primes ones from Costco, 2 for $80 is pretty great option.” Another user mentions, “The Professor Prime is a good entry paddle and $50 right now on Amazon.”

Ali-Express Recommendations

User BadlanderOneThree advises, “Honestly for $50 you can get a better paddle from Ali-Express. Just research a little about what you want in a paddle.”

In Favor of Joola Essentials

Some users, like Shokaah and jfit2331, express confidence in the Joola Essentials paddle for beginners. Jfit2331 mentions, “Yes. It’s one I recommend to newbies that I teach.”

The Reddit community offers a variety of opinions on the Joola Essentials paddle, highlighting the diversity of preferences and needs in the pickleball realm. Whether users prioritize affordability, quality, or specific features, there seems to be a paddle recommendation for every player’s taste.