Is the Drop Bounce Serve Legal in Pickleball? Insights Revealed!

Discover if your drop bounce serve in pickleball is a winner or a rule-breaker! Plus, expert commentary from players.

Ever wondered if your drop bounce serve in pickleball is actually legal without you even knowing? Let’s dive into the discussion!


  • Foot placement at impact determines serve legality.
  • Official rulebook clarifies server’s foot positioning.
  • Players provide varying perspectives on the legality of the serve.

Insights on Foot Placement

Behnken1 suggests an illustration could clear up any confusion surrounding the serve.

Legal or Not?

moebam confidently states that where your feet are at impact is the crucial factor in determining the serve’s legality.

Rulebook Reference

DinRyu shares excerpts from the USA Pickleball Official Rulebook 2024, emphasizing the importance of foot positioning during the serve.

Player Perspectives

Rick_Gio explains the sequence of foot positioning requirements during the serve, offering a thumbs-up for clarification.

soundwithdesign raises the question of foot placement at ball contact, urging for more details to make a definitive judgment on the legality of the serve.

Ready to ace your drop bounce serve legality in pickleball? With a mix of guidance from players and rulebook insights, you’ll be serving with confidence in no time!