Is Soccer Heading Really Making Players Dumber? A Cognitive Analysis

Find out how soccer heading affects cognitive function in players and what Redditors have to say about it!

Recent research claims that soccer heading might impair cognitive function in players. Read on to uncover the community’s thoughts on this startling revelation.


  • Some Redditors express skepticism towards the impact of soccer heading on cognitive abilities.
  • Others humorously point out the obvious stating, ‘No shit’.
  • One user pokes fun by saying, ‘Water is wet’ in response to the findings.

Exploring the Evidence

Many Redditors question the credibility of the research and suggest the need for further studies to validate the claims.

Player Perspectives

Some users share personal anecdotes of heading soccer balls and reflect on any potential changes in their cognitive function.

Humor in the Community

Jokes and witty remarks lighten the mood as users banter about the apparent impact of soccer heading on intelligence.