Is Skenes Allergies Really Kicking His Butt in Chitown? Reddit Reactions

Is Skenes overwhelmed or just allergic? See how Reddit users react to the fiery situation in Chicago.

When Skenes is gassed in Chitown, is it just allergies kicking in, or something else?


  • Speculations on Skenes’ performance being affected by allergies or fatigue.
  • Comparisons to past players such as Dock Ellis and Strasburg.
  • Funny comments regarding Skenes potentially joining other MLB teams.

Reactions to Allergies

Some users believe Skenes’ struggles are due to allergies, questioning if it’s Livvy Time affecting him.

MLB Team Predictions

Comic relief as users suggest Skenes may end up playing for the Cubs, Dodgers, or becoming a legend like Ellis.

Expectations and Comparisons

Users draw parallels between Skenes and past MLB stars, anticipating his future performance and impact.

Will Skenes overcome his challenges, or will his struggles continue?