Is Rybakina Struggling with Big Hitters?

What’s causing Rybakina’s losses to big hitters? Let’s dive in and find out!

Are big hitters a challenge for Rybakina this season? Dive into the discussion surrounding her performance against tough opponents like Alexandrova and Collins.


  • Rybakina’s struggles could be attributed to her poor lateral agility.
  • Her record against tall players indicates a possible weakness.
  • Energy and illness issues might impact her performance and footwork.

Insights on Rybakina’s Performance

According to one user, Rybakina’s lateral agility is compared to that of a newborn giraffe. This lack of agility could be a factor in her losses to big hitters, as opponents can easily hit past her.

Height and Playing Style

Another comment pointed out that Rybakina’s movement is subpar compared to other top players, making it easier for opponents to control rallies and win points. The correlation between her performance and the height and power of her opponents is also highlighted.

Agility Concerns

One user emphasized Rybakina’s poor agility as a key issue, mentioning that exploiting her backhand and dictating play to her right side often results in unforced errors on her part. This strategic approach seems to capitalize on Rybakina’s weaknesses on the court.

Energy and Illness Impact

Another perspective acknowledged Rybakina’s recent struggles with energy due to illness, affecting her footwork and overall performance. Despite her skill set, facing hard hitters could pose a significant challenge for Rybakina, as seen in her past matches against formidable opponents.