Is Running Experiencing a Boom Period?

Is there a surge in the running community recently? Let’s find out why!

Since getting into running I’ve noticed a huge influx of people running since the beginning of the year. Old friends returning back to Strava after being inactive for years (myself included 🤣). Instagram feed is constantly full of runners, even my work place talking about marathons etc. Maybe it’s just because I now see myself as a runner that’s affected my social algorithm/awareness & addiction to running trainers? 🥴


  • Running community seems to be growing due to easier accessibility and social media presence.
  • Pandemic may have accelerated interest in running as an alternative to closed gyms.
  • Celebrities embracing running may also influence a surge in participation.

User Insights

One small reason that may contribute to the running boom is a shift towards inclusivity, with clubs welcoming runners of all paces.

Many attribute the increase in running to the effect of COVID-19, with people seeking new fitness options.

Impact of Influencers

Celebrities like Jellyroll taking up running may inspire others to start their fitness journey.

Economic Angle

Some suggest that the cost-effectiveness of running compared to gym memberships could be a driving factor behind the trend.

Lonehappycamper mentioned that around 28% of new runners started running since COVID-19 due to lockdowns and distancing measures.

It seems that running has become not just a form of exercise but also a lifestyle statement for many, as seen on social media platforms.

Overall, the running community appears to be thriving with new enthusiasts joining and old-timers rekindling their passion for the sport.